"Learning what data to collect testing and on race day, and how to use the data was the most beneficial thing i took out of the seminar."

- Keith Ennis, 2014, Mooresville

"I was able to get something from every part of GRIP. It was above and beyond anything I had expected. The best $ I have ever spent!!"

- 2014 GRIP Attendee, Mooresville

"I have learned more in 3 days than I have in 3 years. The wide variety of topics covered in this class in such a small amoun tof time is something you won't find elsewhere, I know my race team will benefit this season from taking this course."

- Derrick O'Donnell, 2014, Mooresville

"This is the best seminar for your money anywhere. It was so good in 2013, that I returned in 2014 and brought 3 members of my team with me."

- Charles Denike, 2014, Mooresville

"Very satisfied overall and feel that our money was well spent. I would recommend seminar to racers at late model level and above with significant race experience. I certainly learned a lot and confirmed thoughts regarding common misinformation about a few subjects.

- Richard Gdovic, 2014, Mooresville

"Not being involved in racing full-time the last 3 years has gotten us behind in a lot of the new technology. Attending GRIP has brought us up to speed with that from teh minute we walked through the door."

- Robbie MacLean, 2014, Mooresville

"I have raced for 35 years with my family and other teams. Anyone will learn something at GRIP. New technology and advancements are all on the table. I will be at the 2015 GRIP Seminars!"

- Talmage Thomas, 2014, Mooresville

"There was nothing I learned that won't be used. Ten minutes into the first session, I knew my program had been improved. Even the high end information was made easy to understand."

- Zig Geno, 2014, Mooresville

"I was suprised by the overall knowledge I gained. . . they were meticulous in explaining theories."

- Matt Langevin, Portland 2012

"It was great networking with other racers from different areas and series that struggle with the same problems."

- Ross MacPherson, Portland 2012

" . . . all of the speakers were very informative!"

- Dan McKeage, Portland 2012

"I have a much better feel for bump stops, I got ideas on testing and meauring dynamically. Also - there was no product pushing and everyone was willing to answer questions."

- Michael Vanasse, Portland 2012

"The seminar was great, but the after hours and one on one with the speakers helped transfer the information to our program."

- Fred Schofield, Portland 2012

"I am 100% sure our team will be better this year."

- Robert Lee, Portland 2012

"The pace of the seminar was laid back and gave me ample time to absorb and to understand as much as possible."

- Bill Coolidge, Portland 2012